Connecting withe the natural world through artworks enriched with visual and textural complexity.

Embracing a diverse range of mixed mediums

Oil and cold wax

Marielle’s artistic practice prominently features the use of oil and cold wax, a combination that allows her to create richly textured and luminous artworks. This medium offers a unique versatility, enabling her to build up layers of paint that can range from translucent to opaque. The cold wax, when mixed with oil paints, adds a matte, velvety finish and allows for the manipulation of texture in ways that traditional oil painting alone does not. Marielle uses tools such as palette knives, brushes, and even her hands to sculpt and carve into the layers, creating intricate patterns and surfaces that invite tactile exploration. This technique also facilitates the embedding of natural materials like sand and leaves, further enhancing the textural depth and organic feel of her pieces. Through the dynamic interplay of colour, light, and texture afforded by oil and cold wax, Marielle’s artworks evoke a profound sense of place and emotion.

Mixed medium

Marielle’s artistic process is deeply rooted in the innovative use of mixed mediums, allowing her to explore and push the boundaries of traditional painting techniques. She skilfully combines materials such as acrylics, oils, and natural elements like sand, leaves, and mica to create rich, textured surfaces. This approach enables her to build up layers that convey depth and complexity, inviting viewers to engage with the tactile qualities of her art. By embedding organic elements into her compositions, Marielle infuses her work with an earthy dimension that resonates with the natural world. Through the harmonious integration of diverse materials, she achieves a balance of colour, texture, and form, resulting in artworks that are visually compelling and evocatively expressive.

Interplay of colour, light, and texture ⸻

Oil paint

Using oil paint as a medium, Marielle is able to achieve remarkable depth, richness, and vibrancy in her artworks. Oil paints provide a versatile and forgiving texture, enabling her to work with both fine details and broad, expressive strokes. The slow drying time of oils offers Marielle the flexibility to blend colours seamlessly, creating smooth transitions and intricate gradients that bring her compositions to life. She often layers the paint, building up surfaces that convey a sense of depth and luminosity. This technique also allows her to revisit and refine her work overtime, adding new dimensions and details as the piece evolves. Through her mastery of oil painting, Marielle captures the interplay of light and shadow, infusing her pieces with a dynamic energy and emotional resonance that deeply engages viewers.